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Donald Trump rolled into Raleigh last week and packed Dorton Arena. He did the same in Myrtle Beach, S. Closer to home at a gun show in Fayetteville, N. Folks think Republican officials are totally against Trump. Republican officials would certainly like to filter Trump when he is saying things that make people cringe a bit.

Republican establishment folks really have no problem with Trump. They just feared early on that he would spin out of control.

Diplomacy in action

Trump will be Trump. Decades ago folks wondered how an actor could ever become president. That was the sentiment when Ronald Reagan was primarily known as an actor. The rest is history. So put preconceived notions aside of who will make a good president.

The public sees the combined polls showing Trump leading the Republican pack at almost 35 percent. The polls then drop to Jeb Bush who stands at 4 percent and the rest are below Bush. Republican operatives waiting in the wings to find out whom we will be working for see something different. Rather than what s support Trump, operatives see who is supporting Trump. In Dorton Arena, there were no big name Republicans on stage with Trump. Insiders just feared his approach would have killed a campaign.

Make no mistake. Trump as Trump can win. It would reconfigure Republican approaches, which could be a good thing. So it is revealing and encouraging that Trump has surged without the usual Republican escorts.

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Democrats should be fearful that a large cross section of America has propelled Trump to this position mutually exclusive of Republican guidance, Republican tactics and certainly Republican money or donors. To put this in local perspective, Dec, 21 marks the end of the filing period for the General Election next year. There are many local seats that need candidates. Voter ID also takes effect next year in an effort to mitigate voter fraud.

If Trump is at the top of the ticket, a re-vitalized turnout in November is expected. This will help Republican candidates in down ticket races to the county level.

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A perfect storm is brewing. Sometime soon I will be speaking at the funeral of a best friend, and I know already that will be one of the hardest things I have done in my life. John Jeffrey Fish became my best buddy in the fall ofremained that way through my time at the University of North Carolina, and has always been an important part of my life despite the miles that separated us. As I write this, John is at the very end of a year battle with brain cancer that robbed him of so much, one that he waged with incredible courage and dignity.

U.s. department of state

Not once during those 13 years did I hear John utter a single word of self-pity. We share so much — a love of UNC athletics, Atlanta Braves baseball, journalism, a good time, and we hovered in the same circle of friends, many of them fellow members of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.

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I am among a legion of them who are heartbroken today. Everyone who knew John J. His hair was jet black and it turned out to be more than a match for years of chemo.

He was flashing a mischievous grin, there was a twinkle in his eyes, he had a forward lean, and his entire affect was that he was ready to embark on a Great Adventure. The stories are endless, largely needing no embellishment. Our shenanigans during our two years as roommates, however, were a fraction of who John was at the time and the person he would become. The next day his skull would be cracked open and a surgeon would remove what cancer he could.

Although John survived 13 more years and there were many more memories made, brain cancer robbed him of so much, including his work, his marriage and the freedom to live life on his own terms. John spent much of that time in a defensive posture, afraid to trigger a seizure or a return of the cancer.

In an interesting twist, John, a Boone boy, came to Lumberton in to work as a sportswriter at The Robesonian, recruited by Cliff Sharpe, a fraternity brother whose family owned the newspaper at the time.

Ocr interpretation

A year later I was in Greensboro, four years removed from college and pretty much rudderless, when John called and encouraged me to come to my hometown and give writing sports a try. I did and would spend 30 of the next 36 years at The Robesonian, ed for a while there by two other Pika brothers, Ward Clayton and Sammy Batten.

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It is fair to say that John, although he only spent two years at The Robesonian, had an influence on the newspaper for decades. I will forever be grateful for that gift.

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John was really good at journalism and after his start at The Robesonian would spend time in York, Pennsylvania; Augusta, Georgia; Topeka, Kansas; and Naples, Florida, mostly on the business side. John was out in front when it came to the internet, and how it changed the newspaper industry. As an executive at the Augusta Chronicle, he had the foresight to buy URLs related to The Masters that were eventually needed by Augusta National and were purchased by the club.

Raleigh new homes

John was a terrific athlete, a leftie, and quarterback of Watauga High back in the day. But he sucked at golf and I remember when he was at the Chronicle him calling to say he was playing Augusta National the next day and what advice did I have. I was told he holed out on every hole, often taking the long way around — not over — water hazards. I share all this because there are many in this county who know John. This is where he met his ex-wife, Juan. They had two children, Hannah and Addie, and although John was lucky to meet his two grandchildren, Hunter and Garrett, he will be denied the pleasure of watching them grow up.

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He is also survived by his parents, Barbara, and his spitting image John. It was an honor to be asked to speak at his memorial service. I can only hope my words that day stand up to the task.

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North Carolina s twice as many occupations as Virginia does, and three times as many as South Carolina. You cannot be an auctioneer in our state unless you spend dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars to obtain a state permission slip. For some occupations, such as barbers and cosmetologists, the of hours required runs into the thousands. Perhaps you think the promised health and safety benefits to consumers are worth the expense. Perhaps you think state policymakers have carefully weighed those benefits and costs. Alas, you are mistaken. In most cases, occupational licensing comes about because current providers lobby for it.

They seek to exclude competitors, so they can charge their customers more, or they seek to deliver the government-required training themselves, so they can collect the revenue. Economists have produced reams of studies showing the inadvisability of licensing so many occupations.

In most cases the policy just jacks up the price of services without conferring any measurable health or safety benefit. Sometimes licensure can actually make the public less safe, by driving some consumers to try do things themselves, such as home repairs, in order to escape high prices or long waits. Consider this recent study published in ILR Review. It examined social workers in nursing homes.

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Because of a quirk in federal law, larger homes must hire d social workers while smaller homes have more flexibility. In another paper, researchers from Harvard, Stanford, and Boston University used an online platform for home repairs to assess how much consumers value the licensure of contractors.

The adverse consequences of overregulation are particularly painful during tough economic times.

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A study in the Journal of Applied Business and Economics examined the relationship between state licensure and joblessness during the Great Recession of For example, policymakers could turn some licensing requirements into state-sponsored but voluntary certification. If consumers truly see such a certification as a al of safety or good service, they will tend to buy from certified providers, giving others a financial incentive to obtain the formal training necessary to get certified. No coercion required.

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Another alternative to licensure is interstate reciprocity. If workers are d in another state and then move to North Carolina, why make them jump through all the hoops again? Of course would-be providers can be incompetent, irresponsible, or dishonest.

Trump surges without escorts

Of course government has a legitimate role in policing, deterring, and remedying fraud, which is a violation of the good-faith principles of contract and mutual advantage that sustain a free society. But it does not follow that forcing individuals to obtain government s to sell their services is either an effective or necessary way to address the problem.

And licensing systems are frequently and flagrantly misused to exclude competitors and gouge consumers. North Carolina has made ificant gains in economic freedom over the past decade.

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