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Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre. Employers guide: Trans-identified people in the workplace. Hate crimes and hate expression in Alberta and Canada: 2nd ed. LGBT rights: Climbing the judicial steps to equality. Refugees and discrimination: Teacher and student materials updated Syrian refugee edition. Amnesty International.


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The Supreme Court of Canada is set to rule Friday, on whether Canadians with terminal illnesses or unbearable suffering should have the right to seek assistance to die. At the heart of the case is whether section of the Criminal Codewhich makes it a criminal offence to aid and abet or "counsel" another person to commit suicide, should stand. The Carter v. Canada case began with a British Columbia woman who suffered from spinal stenosis and wished to end her illness with medical help. Kay Carter eventually travelled to Switzerland and ended her life there, where assisted suicide is allowed.

With the help of the B. Civil Liberties Association, her family filed a lawsuit challenging the country's assisted suicide laws. Taylor later died of an infection. The B. Civil Liberties Association has continued the legal fight on both women's behalf, taking their cases to the Supreme Court. The high court has also heard from other right-to-die advocates, religious groups, groups representing the disabled, and those representing physicians.

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In all, 22 groups had their positions heard as official intervenors in the case. Civil Liberties Association argued before the Supreme Court in the fall that everyone should have the right to choose a dignified death and that the current laws inhibit the right of the terminally ill to die on their own terms. They also argued that suicide itself is not illegal, but the current law is unfair to terminally ill people who are disabled and do not have the means to take their own lives.

The federal government wants the court to uphold the law, arguing that all lives are valuable and need to be protected, and that the current law protects vulnerable people who may be coerced into terminating their lives. The justices could leave the law intact, but most don't see that option as likely. The court could also reinstate the original ruling and strike down the law and order it be amended to include provisions for those with terminal illnesses and sound mind who want to seek assistance to end their lives.

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If they take the latter option, they would likely suspend their ruling to allow Parliament to write new laws on the issue, much as they did when they struck down Canada's prostitution laws. The last time the issue of assisted suicide came before the courts, with the case of dying ALS patient Sue Roriguez inthe court was deeply divided. Five of nine justices ruled in favour of maintaining the laws, but even the four judges who disagreed were divided as to why. The only currently presiding judge who was on the panel inis Beverly McLachlin, the court's current chief justice. She dissented with the majority decision.

This case does effectively ask the court to revisit many the same fundamental questions that came up inbut much has also changed in the last 20 years, and it appears the court agreed the issue was worth looking at again. A major factor that appears to have changed is public opinion, with many recent polls suggesting the majority of Canadians are in favour of allowing doctor-assisted death. According to of a survey commissioned by Dying With Dignity Canada and conducted by Ipsos Reid that were released last October, 84 per cent of Canadians support the right of a competent adult who is terminally ill, suffering unbearably and repeatedly asks for assistance to die to choose assisted death.

Since the Rodriguez case, there have been at least eight jurisdictions around the world that began allowing doctor-assisted suicide, including Belgium, the Netherlands, and the U. Lawyers representing right-to-die groups argue that in those jurisdictions, the laws are working, though others would disagree.

In addition, several people with terminal illnesses have come forward to speak about wanting to be able to choose a quick death.

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They include not only Taylor and Carter, but also Canada's Dr. Donald Low and Californian Brittany Maynardwho both had terminal brain tumours. Finally, what's also new is that Quebec has forced the courts to look at the issue of jurisdiction on matters of end-of-life care. The province argues that assisted death is really a health-care issue that thus falls under provincial jurisdiction.

It went ahead this summer, passing right-to-die legislation that is now being challenged in court. Friday's Supreme Court decision could help answer the question of whether euthanasia and assisted suicide areunder provincial or federal jurisdiction.

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In a word, no. Even if the court decides to leave the legislation exactly as is, the debate about how to respect the rights of patients will continue among health care providers and the groups that represent them. The Canadian Medical Association has already prepared draft proposals for a "medical aid in dying" program. But if the court strikes down the legislation, the matter will drop into the laps of Parliament, which may then have to grapple with other issues, including how to allow assisted suicide in certain cases while also protecting those who may be vulnerable to abuses.

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Even if there is new legislation brought forward, there is a good chance that it will be challenged in the courts again, as many predict will happen with Canada's new prostitution laws. Kay Carter said she did not want to end up 'an ironing board on a bed' and was terrified of 'dying inch by inch. We welcome your comments. Bell Media reviews every comment submitted, and reserves the right to approve comments and edit for brevity and clarity.

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A new class-action lawsuit has been filed in B. CTV's Medical and Health Correspondent is always looking for health information that can make a difference in the lives of Canadians. Here's an overview of what's at stake: What was the main issue before the court? What are the arguments on both sides?

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What are the options before the court? Won't the Supreme Court be repeating itself? Will this ruling settle the issue?

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Terminally ill 'death with dignity' advocate ends her own life in Oregon. Donald Low says.

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We will not publish comments that link to outside websites. More Health Stories. Zinc could prevent and relieve respiratory tract infections, but questions remain: study.

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Avis Favaro. Most-Read Health Stories. Coronavirus vaccination tracker: How many people in Canada have received shots?

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The Supreme Court of Canada has declared three Criminal Code provisions unconstitutional, giving the government one year to re-draft its prostitution law.


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