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Annual Review of Psychology. Brown 1.


In my younger years, I used to think that everyone was like that everywhere, because I only had people in Miami as my benchmark. People here just seem shallow and self-centered and superficial. Then I started traveling more, and found that people in other areas of the country seem to be friendlier and more interesting. Even cities like New York, which have a tough reputation, seem to have more outwardly social and more interesting people than Miami. So why is Miami like this? Yes, there's plenty of exceptions but for the most part people here come off as less friendly than in other cities.

Because we are all sexy mother fuckers and will beat your ass. Now get out of my face, I'm tanning and you're preventing the sun from looking at my amazing body.

Why are so many people in miami shallow, unfriendly and self-centered?

There's one tomorrow for Coral Gables ArtWalk. Nah, I hang out, meet ppl, started a family out here, all that. The few ppl I've meet who aren't assholes, I keep in touch with, but that's far and few in-between. Like OP says, there are exceptions but it's a lot of work picking out the good from the shitty. Alright, on a more serious note, I think it is because nobody, or very few people consider themselves to really be from Miami and therefore the city doesn't feel as united as other cities in which people come from more or less the same culture.

Pretty much everybody here is of latin descent and there is really no solid identity to the city. This is also the same reason why the sports teams don't do well. People only go to the stadiums when the teams are doing great but they don't feel the moral obligation to support them when they're down because they don't feel the connection other people feel towards shit in their own city. This translates into their appreciation for other people which affects their kindness.

Furthermore, there's a bunch of high-class-in-their-own-country immigrant kids who think that just because people know them back home they own the entire city. I should know. I come from a social circle that thinks like this. Luckily I don't associate myself with them anymore.

Finally, about the shallowness, who gives a fuck? Big boobs!!! Edit: I was joking about the shallowness part.

Social motivation: costs and benefits of selfishness and otherishness

Although I do love me some big boobs, I do wish this city was more cultured than it is. Luckily, there seems to be an effort in recent years to expand the cultural, music, and art scene in Miami. This is great. I just moved here in January and I can definitely feel it expanding.

You just gotta seek it out. TL;DR People aren't nice, supportive of their teams, or loving of their own people because they don't feel they're really from Miami. But in a big city such as this, there's a little bit of something for everyone. People just gotta go out and find their niche. I consider myself from Miami.

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I was born in Jackson, spent my whole life in public school, and, granted I went away for college, I'm back here now. There are a good group of us here, but the real reason you don't see true "miamians" is because of the group you lambast. We "true miamians" feel outed and outspoken so many of us leave for greener pastures elsewhere.

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My family had season tickets to the marlins starting in '94 until ' For the Heat, I stay loyal, watch on TV often, and try to go as much as I can, but they've priced themselves out of the normal realm because they're catering to the rich tourist crowd. I don't have anything to say for the Dolphins, but perhaps years of mediocrity plus a stadium that's hard to get to makes attendance abysmal. Is there any sort of oasis in the Miami area where people are more agreeable? It's funny, just recently when biking with some friends we stopped at Brickell Key Park for a rest, and just laid back on the grass there.

People there seemed nice, but still a bit distant. We weren't riding them at the time and didn't plan to I should add that it was a private security company and he probably didn't have the authority to fine us anyway. It seems no matter where you are in this city, when you find somewhere nice, someone ends up spoiling it by being an ass.

Haha people seemed nice in Brickell Key?! Man, trust me. People in Brickell Key are not nice. I live in Brickell Key and I think it is the nicest area in Miami.

Who we are

I feel privileged to live here everytime I'm crossing that bridge after work. But the people can suck my balls. It's a bunch of snooty bitch ass people. And they're stupid too.

What we do

My next door neighbor actually used to walk her cat in the hallway and the cat actually peed in the rug in the hallway of my building! Nobody says hi in the elevators.

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People here suck. Coral Gables. I lived there for two years, knew all my neighbors and everyone was actually nice, inviting and friendly. Especially if you have a dog and they have one too. I feel the same way.

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I wasn't born here, but it feels like in most cities it pays off to be a smart guy, whereas here it's about having money, bitches and boats. That's what girls are apparently looking for, cause, you know, you can't be happy otherwise. Jesus yeah that's an awful comparison. Pennsylvanians does definitely have a lot of assholes in it. I don't understand why everyone thinks people here are so unfriendly.

The friendliness level here has always seemed to be on par with most other large cities I've been to. I lived in San Diego for 18 years and I find that people here tend to be more outgoing and friendly that what I experienced in southern California. Yeah, IMO it's actually a way friendlier city than many tend to think. In a way Miami is a shy city.

People won't really go out of there way to say hi or engage in conversation, that kind of depends on you. But if you can be a little outgoing and reach out, much of the time you'll be met with sincerity and enthusiasm. I've met so many wonderful people down here. Yesterday I saw a horrific car accident in South Miami.

I was shocked to see people immediately jump out of their cars, start diverting traffic, comforting and helping the victims. I am a Miami native and also sometimes get discouraged that I don't see much friendliness or even common courtesy in my home town. I know a car accident is an extreme example, but it was good to be reminded that most people around here are fundamentally good, they just probably have a lot of crap going on and perhaps don't put as much effort into being outwardly social.

I need to try and remember to be friendly and gracious despite how I perceive their attitudes to be!

These essential skills can help you handle self-absorbed people.

It's really easy to feed off negative energy, a lot harder to combat it with kindness. Pete could give Miami a run for its money on this one.

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When I travel and go to other places I actually feel uncomfortable when people are nice to me. I feel the need to check my pockets just in case. If anyone smiles at me I will pretty much assume they are hitting on me.

What would you lose if they weren't in your life anymore?

If they talk to me randomly I'll assume they will be asking for money in the next few seconds. Hell the other day at a in fort Meyers I was almost made felt like a criminal because the clerk asked me if I couldn't find what I was looking for because I left empty handed just really needed to use a bathroom.

In Miami you know if they ask that it's practically code for security please check this person.

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The Miami Workers Center is a frontline strategy and action center building the power and self-determination of oppressed people in South Florida by amplifying the demands and developing the leadership of Black and brown women workers, tenants, and families.


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