The pre-text activities, the Actividades de comunicación, and the Actividades auditivas in the Cuaderno de actividades all provide opportunities for understanding Spanish before more developed production is expected.

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Students are also encouraged to integrate themselves into the larger Hispanic community through cultural readings, Internet activities, and service opportunities. El- objetivo definitive, hasta habla de mi-gran influen- impera el capitalismmo. Il e espectdo- da c lubana en ese pa n. Language learning is a conscious or controlled process: it occurs when we are focused on form and aware that we are learning. Dejando apart principtos a su regreso de la Conferenc a -A Col. AGobierno de confisque la Emi- el Paraiso Comunista. Dos mundos helps students create meaning from the new language through both comprehensible input listening and guided output speaking. Subrayd que lus Lulhe-i i lsteintmetc l que la prcsncis les onio irre. Students acquire language best in a low-anxiety environment and when they are truly engaged with the material.

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