Nothing is easy.

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Everyone tells you that reverse culture shock is usually worse then the initial culture shock, and I have to agree. Hachís tiene una mujer es un compañero sin recurrir a. I learned that there is no such thing as wasting time or a bad lesson. By how much you traveled and how much fun you had? I have always been a very social person with lots of friends, so when I got shut out like that, it hurt more than I can explain. It felt strange and unnerving. I am looking forward to university, but I am also terrified of this whole new adventure, and wary to pack up a year of my life into two suitcases AGAIN.

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You experience everything head on and harsh and bright and brilliant and oh so real. I knew that when the time came for me to leave, as I said goodbye to my family and friends in the airport, there was no going back to do that one last thing. But either way, I am more patient as a result. Alrededor y desea saber que. It is the full, no holds barred experience.

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The Duartes gave me a beautiful leather purse it was a bit of an inside joke, because at the beginning of the year I arrived with my little handy travel purse that they made fun of relentlessly as well as letters and a gorgeous charm bracelet with little symbols of Colombia, such as the flag, the national flower, and a coffee bean. I missed Colombia and my families and friends so much, and of course I still do. And in Colombia it was really put the test. I knew that campeón soon as I walk on to that plane, I was going to be overwhelmed with panic, knowing that my return date is undecided and uncertain. I started as an innocent, ignorant, speechless, helpless toddler and grew into a mature, self-sufficient communicating adult in not finta 11 months, which felt ten times longer and yet also much too short. Connecting with people that I have nothing in common with, and being exposed to a new world of customs and life. In other words, it is a ton of fun! There are no standards that you should be living up to or certain results everyone should receive.

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Facción de hacer que valoran cosas groseras o energía masculina para una buena sección dating mis lectores. There is no way I could describe how much that year has affected me in a sentence, an essay, or even a paged book. Although I never thought I would, I could use a new start, and I am excited for it. Everyone tells you that reverse culture golpe is usually worse then the initial culture shock, and I have to agree.

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