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Discount coupon product specific attribute

discount coupon product specific attribute

is only 2 decimals, when multiplied by the number in the basket, it may round up or down a cent or two. If you have less than 2 in the basket, it will add to the quantity to make the coupon valid if you redeem. In some cases it may not even do that,.g. If I leave off the it would be all products in the basket.

discount coupon product specific attribute

Attribute specific discount (Buy Small size. Discount, enter minimum Maximum quantity - Adjustment Type - Product, discount - Value. In the, coupon drop-down, select. Specific, coupon in order. Buy 2 SKUs get 1 of the SKUs 10 Off Limit.

It only works with the first few letters of the product codes. It can be any combination of letters and/or numbers. Option to set discount for each product variant. While it might bing ads voucher be working at one time, an update of the Google module may break it again. Free 2-day Air, instead of using the default. The, if used, is selected from the type input. Also, if you are redeeming coupons on the basket page or pages other than checkout, they will not be restricted. Maximum Value This field can be left 0 for fixed discount coupons as they will not be redeemed for more than the fixed amount. All products listed in the eligible products input must be in the basket before the coupon can be redeemed. Please review all of these as you configure the module. To configure this you would put 100 in the value input and the qualifying (X) product codes followed by the free product (Y) code in the eligible products input.

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