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promocode klium

do something suspicious then just DON'T DO IT! Don't provide vulnerable information to other people. People contacting you claiming to be admins, mods or other on our site are most likely impersonators.

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The Kemist x Nyanda) 3:16. Those who didn't read this(or are reading it after they got scammed) or didn't simply listen to this, please know that upon losing your coins by getting "scammed" we don't recover your coins! If you do not agree with it and/or you are under 18, then immediately withdraw all the money from your account and do not continue the game, otherwise your account may be restricted/removed as a violation of the user agreement. Dear users, continuing to use our site m you agree to the user agreement and acknowledge that you are 18 years or more. Most so-called "scripts" most likely aren't going to help you, instead steal your coins. Hacks for our site? This part is regarding your safety while using our site so please take a look if you haven't yet. Additional - read IT, DON'T skip IT! Buy one pizza at menu price, get one free of equal or lesser value. If you are searching for a great.